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Military Binoculars – Only the Best

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Military binoculars have to meet the high standards needed for military and law enforcement. They would not accept anything less from these binoculars. A military binocular will provide the best magnification and clarity needed for all situations.

Observation at the Fullest

These are the best binoculars; waterproof, fog proof, shock resistant, very durable and provide these binoculars provide the best optical range.

Binoculars the military can truly depend on.

Military type binoculars come in a range of sizes from small to very large ones that can be mounted. You can find these mounted binoculars on ship docks, guard towers or even mounted to the ground for observation purposes. These binoculars have to be very durable in order to take the wear and tear of everyday army use, and also the adverse weather conditions they might have to endure. You can not just pick up these large mounted binoculars to have them serviced. No matter the size of these binoculars the magnification is very powerful.

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The hand held binocular that the army uses on a regular basis is usually camouflaged. These binoculars can sometimes be equipped with infra-red capabilities for night time use, and they are of the highest quality so that the armed forces don’t have to worry that these binoculars will break in a combat situation.

They even make some binoculars for the military that can be strapped to the helmet, keeping the hands free for other uses.

Military Binoculars - Only the Best

All Oberwerk binoculars are tested for astronomy viewing. Even if you do not use these binoculars for night-time observation you can be guaranteed they will provide the best magnified view available. Oberwerk recommends that everyone gives star gazing a try. Oberwerk binoculars are covered by a one year warranty for problems due to manufacturing defects.

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